Lanyards Are Eco Friendly

Tell me something! When you see a teacher or a nurse at a hospital wear a braided cord around their neck with an ID attached to it, don’t you identify it as just that? The things that we learn in life. Imagine, this braided cord is actually called a ‘Lanyard!”

A lanyard is a common name of which there are many colors to choose from, with a wide selection of different materials. If you’re interested in ‘eco friendly’ lanyard, I suggest bamboo, silk, or PET, (polyethylene terephthalate, known as recycled synthetic fibers), and satin made from silk. Just so you know, satin can be man-made as well.

Did you know that a lanyard is a braided fabric which can be multi-screen printed? Most orders are custom printed, or dye-sublimation heat transferred. There are so many uses with lanyards. People of all ages wear it around the neck, on their wrist, or hang it on their arm. Others prefer it around their waist, such as runners, or people exercising on a treadmill.

As a society, we have become more eco friendly, and more aware of the environment within our community. So it’s no wonder that schools, hospitals, trade shows, and even prisons select natural made or PET lanyard material.

We see lanyards everywhere! At stores across America you will find lanyard attached to cameras, MP3 players, and hooks attached to lanyard to secure keys to your car and your house, or your office. Do you own a dog? Did you know the material of your pet’s leash is made from a lanyard? Well now, you have a different name for it! It’s not just a leash anymore. It’s a lanyard. The next time you go shopping on-line, or in a department store for a necklace, or a bracelet made of rope or cord, you will identify it with its origin, the lanyard. And if you want an authentic lanyard yourself, check Southern Girl Gifts and get inspired!