Shopping for a camping day off? Basic Overview of 4 Man Tents

In terms of the ultimate spacious camping experience very little provides more room for a family than 4 man tents.  Since the level of comfort required when “roughing it” is somewhat subjective to personal needs, sizing and pricing out particular four-man tents should be based on personal tastes.  Four-man tents generally are not recommended for backpacking as their increased size equates to increased weight.  But even this can be compensated for if other hiking gear is evenly distributed among the group.


Without question, one of the most common issues to address with 4 man tents, or any tent in general is whether or not the tent is easy to set up.  Nothing is more frustrating than laying out a tent and having to work it like a puzzle.  The sooner the tent is up, the sooner the rest of the evening can be enjoyed.  A similar issue to be considered when selecting the right 4 man tent is the durability of the different parts of the tent, be it the poles, the stakes, the rainfly or the seams.  Look into whether a 4 man tent is offered with a store warranty or a manufacturer warranty.


Another factor to consider before buying is the actual dimensions of the tent.  A full-sized person taller than 6-foot will need a tent with some considerable length.  Even in this case, a 78-inch length or width will only provide 6 inches of clearance, and for some, this can be a tight squeeze.  Also, consider whether or not the tent will accommodate any camping gear.  A 4 man tent can quickly shrink to a 3 man tent with gear.  Other features to consider are whether the tent has one door or two, or whether or not the tent is a 3-season tent or 4-season.  These are also features that can influence the overall price of a 4 man tent.


While the average 4 man tent can weigh in excess of 10 pounds, there are some models of 4 man tents that are considered ultra-light and weigh around 6-7 pounds apiece, making these tents more ideal to take backpacking.  Prices vary wildly on 4 person tents depending on the brand, online or retail, and time of year.  Online vendors can occasionally provide a competitive edge by offering deals on free shipping; direct from the manufacturer ordering can sometimes provide a better deal by eliminating the retail markup, and the internet is full of user reviews on virtually any brand and model of 4 man tents common in the market.  Use all of these resources to find the right 4 man tent for you and your family and happy camping.


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