Leadership development

Leadership development (LD) involves a lot more than a few well-designed workshops. It is crucial, first, to align your leadership development efforts with your organization’s vision, strategy, and culture. Second, it is necessary to understand what all the leadership development components and options are before committing to particular programs, methods, or LD consultants. Finally, it is imperative that you broaden your horizons to include individual, team, and organizational development in your leadership development efforts. Proper design of your leadership development strategy will help you enhance the impact, effectiveness, balance, and strategic relevance of your LD efforts.


The following quotes, executive summaries, and models should help you better navigate the territory.


  • “Managers maintain the status quo; leaders take their organizations to new heights. The point is not simply to understand the world but to change it.” (Karl Marx)
  • “The ultimate challenge of leaders who are senior managers is to develop the next generation of leaders more capable than themselves.” (Dave Ulrich)
  • “The core purpose of strategic leadership development is not to build a small pool of successors to senior management, but to create a talent pool of strategic leaders at all levels of the organization, and to cultivate and refine the managerial talents needed to move the organization toward its strategic objectives.” (Vicere & Fulmer)
  • “Competencies (skills) without results are useless. Results without competencies will be erratic, unreliable, and difficult to replicate in new situations. By understanding the link between competencies and results, we can identify and develop throughout the organization precisely those competencies and perspectives that will most help the company achieve its long-term strategic objectives.” (Dave Ulrich)


Organizations need more people with their eye on the big picture, taking initiative, and producing results. Things like leadership development programs and hiring a motivational speaker for company events should help your employees to:

  • Conquer critical business opportunities & challenges
  • Enhance competitive advantage
  • Increase value delivered to customers
  • Translate strategy into action
  • Develop future leaders
  • Identify new opportunities


If you don’t know any motivational speaker, there are several online, such as Richard Jadick, and you can check their work on the websites before making a decision.