Customer Service Outsource Services

As its label implies, customer care involves attending to the customer needs through communication channels such as telephone, email, text/chat real-time, VoIP, and web collaboration. Since customer care is a company’s frontline service and is engaged in direct interaction with external stakeholders, information obtained from customer care transactions are deemed substantial in identifying the strategies towards the development of a company’s product or service. However, in recent years, because of the increasing volume of transactions that companies have to deal with, many have turned to customer care outsource services for help. Availing customer care outsource services may be roughly referred to as a ‘provisioning of customer care services.’ Huge companies would often opt for their customer group to be outsourced to call centers or business process outsourcing (BPO) providers, as these companies have extensive advantages and understanding of how to reach customers and how to interact with them.


Primarily, companies prefer obtaining customer care outsource services because the offshore provider usually has all the necessary resources to implement effective customer care services, at less cost. Compared to in-house hiring of all the needed employees, the option of outsourcing customer care services is undoubtedly cheaper, especially if the provider is based in developing countries where the labor rate is low against the dollar.


Since labor is cheap abroad, it is no wonder that over the last few years, customer care outsource practices have been improving tremendously, especially in offshore sites. Call centers and BPOs have mushroomed in countries like the Philippines, India, China, Malaysia, and Brazil. Aside from the fact that their labor rates ar

e cheaper, these countries were found to have excellent skills to facilitate customer-oriented activities such as telemarketing, profiling customers, and answering efficiently and effectively customer inquiries.


In addition to the quantity of manpower involved, companies that engage in customer care outsource services also get quality of service in exchange for their investment. Thousands of employees hired for outsourcing services have college degrees and are mostly graduates of reputable schools. Countries, like the Philippines, also boast of large and fluent English-speaking populations. As such, recruiting and training staff for clients’ accounts are definitely worth it, both on the sides of the company and the outsourcing provider. A good human resources company such as Solvo Global is always very resourceful to bring help and information.


Since outsourcing has become a major trend in business, many customer care outsource providers have taken a different route that still serve to benefit companies, big or small. Today, client companies can also avail of dedicated staff for their outsourcing projects. Having an offshore dedicated staff has proven to be more effective than the old project-based outsourcing model, wherein the project manager and the offshore staff work for many client companies, doing multiple projects. With a dedicated staff, client companies are given complete and full management over their hired staff, which becomes focused on just one client or project. Given these advantages, the dedicated staff’s innovative model promises higher productivity and revenues.


Whether the nature of the business is in travel and transportation, financial services, healthcare, or utilities, companies that wish to invest in customer care outsource services definitely have more to gain than lose. In turn, as more and more companies seek to effectively address the concerns of their clients, customer care outsource providers, especially in countries where English is spoken very well and technical skills are excellent, will definitely find themselves in profitable positions, perhaps for a very long time.