Shopping for clothes? – How to dress up for a party


Whether the party you wish to get dressed up for is an end of school prom or your sweet 16th birthday, then this is the perfect chance to dress up and get glamorous. A party definitely calls for a dress and where better to look to for inspiration than these two glamazons, Whitney Port and Vanessa Hudgens.

Whitney Port


Whitney Port, star of The Hills and The City, wears the party dress effortlessly, looking glamorous in a black bubble hem dress for the Sex and the City premier. The sweetheart neckline always looks sexy for a party and is great for both smaller and larger chested females. If your legs are your favourite feature then wear this look with bare legs, teaming it with tights when the night draws colder or you want to distract attention away from your pins. These eye-catching shoe boots keep the dress looking edgier than if it were to be worn with strappy sandals.



  • Whitney has swept her hair into a top bun, with the help from some clip in extensions. To create this look apply mousse/gel to the lengths of your hair to keep the bun in place.
  • Next pull your hair into a ponytail and  secure it with a hairband.
  • Separate the tail into two sections and twist each section around the ponytail base, securing with bobby pins all around the edge, pushing deep into the hair to hide any stray clips. This bun works well if it looks slightly undone.




  • Whitney has kept her base flawless, created by using a foundation, set with a loose power brushed on top.
  • For those killer cheekbones take a bronzer, suck the cheeks in and brush to bronzer up the cheek bones. This creates a great definition.
  • Because the lips are the main feature of Whitney’s face, she has kept her eyes simple with black eyeliner along the top lashes only and a sweep of jet black mascara. For a more dramatic look add a layer of false eyelashes to the top eyelid only.
  • Whitneys ruby lips are created by putting foundation on the lips first to keep it in place. Then take a red lip-liner and carefully draw around the lip-line, creating a cupid’s bow at the top part of the lips. Apply a matching colour lipstick and blot a tissue in between the lips to stop bleeding or the dreaded lipstick on your teeth moment.

Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens, actress and model, catapulted into the style stakes after High School Musical. She has an effortless LA look, which consists of maxi dresses and short prom style dresses. In this picture, Vanessa has teamed a silk maxi dress in a cute abstract print with chunk gold bracelets and a long gold pendant. If you want to wear a maxi dress for a party then team with wedges or for super boho look wear with flat sandals. Maxi dresses are great for a summer garden party or a prom that needs something a ‘little extra’.



  • Vanessa’s hair has a natural curl so for a look like this wash hair and let it dry naturally.
  • When dry add a little shine spray for added protection
  • Next step it take your curls and twist them around tongs or if you know how to curl hair with straighteners then this is ideal
  • Finish off with a spritz of hairspray and run your fingers through your hair to create natural looking curls.



  • Vanessa has great skin so only needs a light tinted moisturiser to keep the skin looking fresh and dewy
  • Brush a pink blush on the apples of the cheeks for that flushed look
  • The eyes are the feature with this look. Take a teal eyeshadow and run along the socket. Use a teal eyeliner to draw around the eyelid. This look is eye catching and work well in summer
  • To keep the look fresh and natural use a brown mascara to apply once to the lashes
  • The final step is to add a nude lip-gloss to the lips and you are ready to party the night away.


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BIKINI TRIVIA: History of the Bikini

The history of the bikini begins far before the official introduction of the bikini swimsuit in the summer of 1946. Some historians believe that the bikini may have been one of the first public swimming costumes in existence. Drawing evidence from 300 A.D. Roman mosaics historians point to the bikini as the swimsuit of choice for ancient Roman women. The history of the bikini, however, may begin nearly 2000 years sooner than even ancient Rome! Minoan wall paintings from approximately 1600 B.C. also depict women wearing the seemingly quite popular two-piece bathing costume.


The official history of the bikini, under that name, begins in the summer of 1946, just one year after the tumultuous end of World War II. During that summer, as France was seeking to recover from the dreadful effects of the war, two French designers almost simultaneously created and marketed the bikini swimsuit. Barely leading the charge, Jacques Heim, a fashion designer and beach shop owner in the French resort town of Cannes, introduced his swimsuit creation, the “Atome,” early in the summer of 1946. The swimsuit was named the Atom because of its miniscule size (as compared to the then smallest known particle of matter, the atom). Heim intended to sell his swimsuit in his beach shop. To drum up business and increase awareness of the new swimsuit, Heim sent skywriters high above the Cannes sky, proclaiming the new Atome to be “the world’s smallest bathing suit.”


Sadly for Jacques Heim, another French fashion designer was also hard at work creating a remarkably similar swimsuit in the summer of 1946. Just three weeks after Heim began marketing his swimsuit, Louis Reard, a mechanical engineer who had decided to dabble in swimsuit design, sent out skywriters over the French Riviera. The message these skywriters carried was simple but powerful marketing: “Bikini—smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world.” Perhaps due to Reard’s obvious marketing skills or a simple turn of fate, the name bikini became the official tag for the two-piece swimsuit.


The bikini made its first proper introduction to the world of fashion design on July 5, 1946, as it was worn and displayed at a Paris fashion show by French model Micheline Bernardini. Reaction to the bikini was immediate and explosive. As one American correspondent put it (in typical Texan style), “All of a sudden, a blond named Micheline Bernardini ambles out in what any dern (sic) fool could see was the smallest bathing in the world, including West Texas. Why folks, that suit was so small that…” Any number of phrases could complete this statement and would adequately describe the male reaction to the bikini. Needless to say, most of those who viewed the new swimsuit were equally shocked and titillated by its minimalist style.


The bikini began to be marketed and sold in the United States just one year after its introduction in France. Reaction to the swimsuit was great, but sales were initially quite slow. Men and women alike assumed that the suit was simply too bare and scandalous for conservative American women to don in public. American women did indeed approach the swimsuit quite cautiously until the revolutionary decade of the 1960s, in which bikini sales soared tremendously.


The bikini has now become such an entrenched part of swimsuit design that it is a wonder the modern swimsuit is only 60 years old. True to its explosive nature, the bikini has inspired even more shocking innovations in swimsuit design, including the short-lived monokini and the immensely popular thong bikini. It would be interesting to learn if Louis Reard has the foresight to know of the far-reaching implications of the scanty two pieces of cloth that comprised the original bikini.


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