Going shopping? Top Four Key Pieces for Fall

Taking a look at the catwalk this season it is easy to pick just four key pieces that will take you through Fall without accidently slipping onto the fashion reject pile. Mix and match these items with your existing wardrobe and you will find yourself ahead of the fashion pack. All it takes is a little imagination and a whole lot of style!

Shearling Jacket

Shearling jackets, or aviator jackets as they are known to some, are the number one item that graced the catwalk this season, becoming hugely popular thanks to designer Christopher Bailey at Burberry. Shearling jackets are now sold all across the high street with some very good quality designs at a snippet of catwalk prices. Team with skinny jeans and white vest and biker boots for a casual look or even mix with a floral dress to change your complete look.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the key length of the season, taking this summer’s trend and adding tights, boots and a fur gilet to the mix. Folk prints and 70′s inspired patterns are set to be huge with influences from bohemians and celebrities such as Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie, who all work the hippy look down to a tee. Maxi dresses were seen on the catwalk from designers such as Marc Jacobs and Erdem, with oversized cardigans thrown over for a casual daytime look. Floor length gowns are no longer just suitable evening attire.

Fur Gilet

Fur Gilet are set to become huge again after a couple of seasons ago when they were all over the high street and celebrities. It started with the fashion pack, then moved to celebville then was spotted on various footballers wives. This is when the trend died. However it is back with avengence and the shops are slowly starting to filter the trend into their designs. Remember only faux fur is acceptable, although vintage fur gilets are rare to come buy so if you do find one to hang on to, it will be worth a hell of a lot of money when the trend comes round again. Work the gilet into your Fall wardrobe, wearing over your new maxi dress or even over your old leather jacket, some skinny jeans tucked into this season’s boot and a boho style peasant top. Very Sienna Miller circa 2005.

Fur Lined Ankle Boot

Fur lined boots are a welcome addition to the winter months, although I wouldn’t recommend walking in the snow purely because if these boots are to look as ‘fashion’ as possible then the heel needs to be high! These boots have a great grip design on the bottom and are a great item to team with this season’s aviator jackets. Fur boots were seen on the catwalk from yetti boots at Chanel to fur lined biker boots at Burberry, it seems the only way to be fashionable with your feet this coming season is to be warm and toasty. Now which fashionista would disagree with that?


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Shopping for clothes? – How to dress up for a party


Whether the party you wish to get dressed up for is an end of school prom or your sweet 16th birthday, then this is the perfect chance to dress up and get glamorous. A party definitely calls for a dress and where better to look to for inspiration than these two glamazons, Whitney Port and Vanessa Hudgens.

Whitney Port


Whitney Port, star of The Hills and The City, wears the party dress effortlessly, looking glamorous in a black bubble hem dress for the Sex and the City premier. The sweetheart neckline always looks sexy for a party and is great for both smaller and larger chested females. If your legs are your favourite feature then wear this look with bare legs, teaming it with tights when the night draws colder or you want to distract attention away from your pins. These eye-catching shoe boots keep the dress looking edgier than if it were to be worn with strappy sandals.



  • Whitney has swept her hair into a top bun, with the help from some clip in extensions. To create this look apply mousse/gel to the lengths of your hair to keep the bun in place.
  • Next pull your hair into a ponytail and  secure it with a hairband.
  • Separate the tail into two sections and twist each section around the ponytail base, securing with bobby pins all around the edge, pushing deep into the hair to hide any stray clips. This bun works well if it looks slightly undone.




  • Whitney has kept her base flawless, created by using a foundation, set with a loose power brushed on top.
  • For those killer cheekbones take a bronzer, suck the cheeks in and brush to bronzer up the cheek bones. This creates a great definition.
  • Because the lips are the main feature of Whitney’s face, she has kept her eyes simple with black eyeliner along the top lashes only and a sweep of jet black mascara. For a more dramatic look add a layer of false eyelashes to the top eyelid only.
  • Whitneys ruby lips are created by putting foundation on the lips first to keep it in place. Then take a red lip-liner and carefully draw around the lip-line, creating a cupid’s bow at the top part of the lips. Apply a matching colour lipstick and blot a tissue in between the lips to stop bleeding or the dreaded lipstick on your teeth moment.

Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens, actress and model, catapulted into the style stakes after High School Musical. She has an effortless LA look, which consists of maxi dresses and short prom style dresses. In this picture, Vanessa has teamed a silk maxi dress in a cute abstract print with chunk gold bracelets and a long gold pendant. If you want to wear a maxi dress for a party then team with wedges or for super boho look wear with flat sandals. Maxi dresses are great for a summer garden party or a prom that needs something a ‘little extra’.



  • Vanessa’s hair has a natural curl so for a look like this wash hair and let it dry naturally.
  • When dry add a little shine spray for added protection
  • Next step it take your curls and twist them around tongs or if you know how to curl hair with straighteners then this is ideal
  • Finish off with a spritz of hairspray and run your fingers through your hair to create natural looking curls.



  • Vanessa has great skin so only needs a light tinted moisturiser to keep the skin looking fresh and dewy
  • Brush a pink blush on the apples of the cheeks for that flushed look
  • The eyes are the feature with this look. Take a teal eyeshadow and run along the socket. Use a teal eyeliner to draw around the eyelid. This look is eye catching and work well in summer
  • To keep the look fresh and natural use a brown mascara to apply once to the lashes
  • The final step is to add a nude lip-gloss to the lips and you are ready to party the night away.


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Why High-Tech Companies Need Branding


The meltdown we are seeing in the technology industry reflects an overabundance of hype. Companies have suffered because they’ve confused advertising (getting attention) with branding (promise and delivery).


Unlike an advertisement, which is short term, a brand represents the promises you make for the long haul. Also unlike advertising, branding is a constant process, and it happens whether a company “means to” or not. Every action an organization takes contributes to its brand. It’s only a question of whether this fact is recognized and managed actively.


We have been working as brand consultants to tech firms for the past few years. Over time we witnessed a general industry shift toward hyping the future in order to stay competitive.


Companies sold themselves on what was “sure” to happen eventually, rather than what they were capable of offering at the time. If you couldn’t find the words “largest,” “most comprehensive” and “cutting-edge” everywhere — from their Web sites to their T-shirts — then you just weren’t looking in the right place.


So to us, the fact that these companies are in trouble is no great surprise. Your brand is your promise, and failure to deliver makes customers feel like victims.


It’s time to get real. Companies are learning the hard way that they need to build their brands with actions, instead of giving away T-shirts. It’s no longer enough to “leverage our partnerships” — these days, everyone and his brother has a partnership with Microsoft or Cisco. Credibility is gained over time.


Every action a company takes must reflect the brand promise in order for it to be believable. The promise must be reflected not only in the products and services offered, but in every organizational function, from the billing system to customer service to tech support. Their actions are part of a living story, and companies must take the time and make the effort to “own” that story. The best way to build a brand is by providing honest delivery on promises made.


Particularly in today’s challenging economic climate, misconceptions about branding — what it is and whether it’s really necessary — remain. These misconceptions can be extremely costly. However, if your organization focuses on “brand strategy” rather than on typical advertising and marketing initiatives, you’ll develop the optimal positioning, as well as an action plan for maintaining it.


In my conversations with tech industry professionals, as well as with prospective and existing clients, these mistaken beliefs tend to come up over and over again. Here are five of the most common:


Advertising and branding are the same thing.


One of my clients had grown tremendously but wasn’t making any money. Why? The firm was known as the “let’s-make-a-deal” company, the price slasher in town. What it didn’t realize was that this image had become its brand. So what it needed was total repositioning, but what it kept asking for was “better ads.” It’s far better to develop a brand strategy first, then create marketing and advertising communications that are aligned with this strategy.


I’ll do brand strategy when everybody else does.


By and large, innovation and a quality product are what count to tech people. And it’s true, without the technology your company is going nowhere fast. At the same time, it’s important to recognize that consumers are faced with myriad similar products and promises — and are looking for something more. These days, it’s the combination of functional and emotional benefits that makes your company stand out from the pack.


The economy is bad; I don’t have the money.


It’s tempting to say, “I’ve only got so many dollars, I can’t afford to take a chance on marketing now.” However, the reality is exactly the opposite: a failing business is one very clear sign of improper branding. A company that hasn’t taken the time to be strategic, that hasn’t gone through the process of thinking about what it is, what it wants to achieve and how it is communicating these messages to its market is inevitably going to face a crisis. And although it’s not ideal (or fun, honestly) to do a brand strategy when you’re in a crisis, it’s one case when you are definitely better off late than never.


I know who my target customer is, so we don’t need research.


When there are millions, even billions of dollars at stake, comprehensive market research is a comparatively small investment to make in its success. If you don’t investigate, you won’t find out. Period. No matter how good your intuition is, or how good your business has been thus far, do the market research to find out who will buy the product or service you are offering.


Employees are irrelevant to brand strategy.


Sure, you can say “it’s all about the dollar.” But the fact is, if your organization is troubled on the inside, it will affect your performance eventually. On the other hand, if your house is in order, your employees know what you stand for — and they tell other people about it. In effect, they become loyal brand messengers, the most effective kind of salesperson I can think of. Investing in your people reflects a kind of long-term thinking that spills over into the rest of your operation as well. Ultimately, Wall Street will respect you for it.